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Pin-Point Skills Based Courses
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 eBooks, Self-Paced Tutorials, Step-by-Step Programs  
Resume Design Guide Update Your Resume for Current Filters
(Employer) Interview for Excellence Prepare to Conduct Interviews for Excellence
Standards of Performance Create Job Descriptions
Communication Skills Improve Communications with Fierce Conversations
Active Listening Better Listening Skills
Risk Management Identify and Measure Business Risk
Change Management Manage Change
Security is a Management Issue

Manage Data Security

Ownership and Classification Manage Confidential Data
Essential Elements for Effective Marketing Quick and Easy Marketing Checklist
Investing in Customer Loyalty Sales Sales Techniques
Creating Corporate Ethics Design Corporate Ethics
Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Harassment Training Guide for Trainers
 Easy Quick Reference Guides  
Six Sigma Process Improvement Quality Improvement
 Reverse Logistics Presentations  
Evolve or Become Extinct The Evolution of Reverse Logistics
Create A Reverse Logistics Financial Model Comprehensive Considerations for Cost Conscious Companies



The Trusted AdvocateThe Trusted Advocate: Accelerate Success With Authenticity And Integrity
The Fundamental Guide to Achieve Extraordinary Sales and Sustain Loyal Customers

The sales environment has been forever altered by e-commerce and price-centered commodities. Competition has become stiffer, and quotas have become higher. the demand for performance has created brutal pressure in a lonely profession, and increasing number of cold calls is enough to survive, Success requires closing a higher percentage of opportunities and growing existing business. But how do you achieve such lofty goals?

The Trusted Advocate: Accelerate Success with Authenticity and Integrity is a revelation of fundamental principles that empower maximum success through authenticity and integrity. John Mehrmann and Mitchell Simon combine their experience in management and leadership development to provide you with proven, cutting-edge management techniques and leaderships skills to unlock individual potential and empower personal success.

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You will learn how to

  • Increase sales and retain loyal customers
  • Train the sales force or train yourself
  • Identify and unleash your talents
  • Turn knowledge into power
  • Build your pipeline
  • Create a revolutionary process
  • Earn a reputation for being trustworthy

Designed to revitalize sales professional, The Trusted Advocate is perfect for managers, coaches, consultants, and trainers to help rapidly accelerate individual or group performance. Use your strengths as your competitive edge, enjoy your profession, and advance your career!

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Stress and Stones101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Volume 3
Inspiration, Motivation and Hope in a Chaotic World
Features "Stress and Stones", an inspirational and motivational essay on achieving serenity and a balanced life.  The article by John Mehrmann is featured in the new book, "101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Volume 3." The book is a compilation of articles carefully selected by David Riklan, President of Self Improvement Online Inc. This latest addition to the series features other notable motivational speakers and authors including Ken Blanchard, Marc Victor Hansen, Byron Katie and Les Brown.
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 Resume Design Instructions
Resume Design InstructionsResume Design Instructions
eBook and Self-paced Course Tutorial
Ten Steps to designing a Stellar Resume. Shopping for employment is a hybrid of automated filter applications and "good old fashioned" human interpretation. To be effective you need to design a Resume for all of these areas. This ten step process is intended to provide useful instruction for developing meaningful, accurate and compelling personal profiles.

Resume Design Guide

 Interview for Excellence  (Employer Guide)

Interview Skills for EmployersInterview for Excellence
eBook and Self-paced Course Tutorial, Interview Excel Tool and Standards of Performance.
Use position descriptions to create Job Requirements. Design a template to track key skills and behavioral traits during the interview process so you can compare results and hire the person best equipped to perform a specific role. Are you getting the best talent for each position? How do you know?

Interview for Excellence
 Standards of Performance
Job Position DescriptionsStandards of Performance
eBook and Self-paced Course Tutorial
Create Position Descriptions with Goals, Objectives, Responsibilities, Levels of Authority and Performance Reports. Useful for tracking performance with employees and management, conducting yearly performance appraisals, preparing Job Descriptions for effective Interviews and New Hire Training.

Standards of Performance
 Communication Skills
CommunicationCommunication Skills
eBook and Self-paced Course Tutorial
Based on the critically acclaimed seminars of specialist Mitch Simons of the Simons Alliance, this presentation and companion guide were developed specifically for trainers, coaches and consultants. Incredibly powerful instructions for confronting the primal barriers to communication and to openly share fierce conversations. Once the obstacles are identified and removed, open and highly effective communication can occur.

Communication Skills
 Active Listening Skills
Active Listening SkillsActive Listening
eBook and Self-paced Course Tutorial
Train yourself to hear and Understand Content and Feeling of the speaker's message. Important skill for leaders, managers, sales, customer service and working with colleagues. Course covers Listening Habits, Attending Skills, Reflecting Skills, and Barriers to Effective Communication. Certificate of Completion.

Active Listening Skills
 Risk Management
Risk ManagementRisk Management
eBook and Self-paced Course Tutorial
Are you prepared to handle an unexpected event? This insightful and practical guide provides methodology, principal factors and helpful hints to manage risk, Learn how to measure and calculate risk so you can determine when and which controls to put in place. Louis Mehrmann has extensive first hand experience from helping Fortune 500 companies identify, measure risk with quantitative results, fundamental simplicity and usability. This research is available and invaluable to business.

Risk Management

"Risk Management, Are You Prepared to Handle an Unexpected Event?" is a New Release in Series by Louis Mehrmann
Orange County, California (PRWEB) June 9, 2007 -- Management, control and protection of confidential data is a matter of corporate responsibility and potential for personal liability. The new focus is a move from reactive compliance to proactive and cost-effective information protection and control. Organizations of all sizes are making substantial investments to protect customers and employees from the tremendous risks. The latest book by Louis Mehrmann addresses these growing concerns with practical applications designed for business owners and managers.

 Change Management
Change ManagementChange Management
eBook and Self-paced Course Tutorial
The Art of Progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order. Review the rules to change, the challenge and the reaction cycle. Learn how to introduce change, deal with resistance and plan for success. Are you planning properly to cope with change?

Change Management
 Security is a Management Issue
Security is a Management IssueSecurity is a Management Issue
eBook and Self-paced Course Tutorial
This is a short tutorial with a very comprehensive workbook and checklist for managing security, preparing for emergencies, hardware and software integrity, and disaster response. Securing your valuable company data includes preparation for hurricanes, theft, accidents and vandalism. Protect confidential data of your customers and employees, your financial records, and your strategic designs or presentations. Be aware, be prepared, stay alert, take action and enjoy the benefits.

Security is a Management Issue
 Ownership and Classification
Ownership and ClassificationOwnership and Classification
eBook and Self-paced Course Tutorial
Information Ownership and Classification - Protecting Vital Information Assets. How high does your wall need to be? Practical guidelines for classifying information for Internal Use Only, Confidential information, Restricted information and Registered Confidential Information. This guide reviews characteristics, ownership, users management and responsibility in easy to apply summary steps. It also contains implementation and review checklist. Lou Mehrmann draws from years of industry experience and knowledge to provide insightful business applications for protecting information assets.

Ownership and Classification

Firewalls, Virus Protection and Spyware Security Keep Intruders Out, Executive Blueprints Offers A Course to Keep Confidential Data In  
Orange County, CA (PRWEB) April 11, 2006 -- Imagine the impact of customer data, financial records or strategic plans in the hands of competitors, disgruntled employees or posted on the Internet. “Ownership and Classification” is a course designed to address this potential devastation.

 Essential Elements for Marketing
Marketing GuideEssential Elements for Effective Marketing
eBook and Self-paced Course Tutorial
Build your brand or business message with simple and effective checklist. Apply the FABIO Principle to define your products or services. Powerful and easy to use, a necessary cycle for small business owners, web commerce, and entrepreneurs. Are you getting the results that you expected from your marketing dollars?

5 Essential Elements of Marketing
 Investing in Customer Loyalty
Sales GuideInvesting in Customer Loyalty
eBook and Self-paced Course Tutorial
"Customer Loyalty Sales" includes tools to identify current and target markets, define your approach to key decision makers. You will learn the importance of anxiety questions and building credibility, climb the customer loyalty ladder, and understand the cost of customer loyalty by customer type. Use customer information and coordinate your actions. Are your current sales techniques right for your target customers? Do you know the cost of your target markets?

Customer Loyalty = SALES

Creating EthicsCreating Corporate Ethics
eBook and Self-paced Course Tutorial
Follow the step-by-step process to design an Ethics Statement that represents your commitment to your customers, your employees, your shareholders and builds trust. Develop Standards of Conduct to promote a positive and ethical environment with guidelines for decisions and actions. It is more than regulations and compliance, it defines your company character.

ETHICS - Design & Management

 Harassment & Discrimination

Sexual HarassmentHarassment & Discrimination
eBook and Self-paced Course Tutorial
An effective Harassment & Discrimination course must encompass harassment, discrimination and retaliation regarding sex, race, religion, age, disabilities and national origin. The course must be interactive, dealing with the issues, avoidance and response. This course includes reference to actual cases, with thought provoking questions and opportunities for discussion.

Harassment & Discrimination

Time Has Run Out for Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Training 
Los Angeles, Calif. (PRWEB) February 28, 2006 -- One study found that 50% of women who filed a Sexual Harassment complaint in California were fired; another 25% resigned due to stress associated with the process of filing the complaint


 Six Sigma Process Improvement

Six Sigma Process ImprovementSix Sigma Process Improvement
Easy Quick Reference Guide
Six Sigma Process Improvement removes the mystery from Six Sigma Quality Circle techniques and provides a layman's introduction to begin using the most common and effective techniques for effective process improvement in a concise and easy to use reference manual.

Six Sigma Process Improvement

 Reverse Logistics Presentations

Navigating Economic ChallengesNavigating Economic Challenges
It's not a recession or a depression. It is a time of transformation. The Internet, integration, collaboration, and virtualization have changed the way that business is done. Status Quo is the new road kill. A hard look at the current conditions, recommendations for responsible action, and a blueprint for navigating the economic challenges ahead.
Technology to Enable Collaborative IndependenceTechnology to Enable Collaborative Independance
Using Technology as a Competitive Advantage with Partners

Reverse Logistics Cost Avoidance

Read the Reverse Logistics article, Cost Avoidance, by John Mehrmann
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Global Solutions for SustainabilityGlobal Solutions for Sustainability
Recycle, e-cycle, and e-waste Solutions
- RoHS and WEEE

Read the Reverse Logistics article, Seeing Green at the End of the Line, by John Mehrmann
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Create Your Reverse Logistics Financial ModelCreate Your Reverse Logistics Financial Model
Comprehensive Considerations for Cost Conscious Companies

Reverse Logistics Financial Model

Read the Reverse Logistics article, Create Your Financial Model, by John Mehrmann
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Six Sigma Process ImprovementEvolve or Become Extinct
The Evolution of Reverse Logistics

Read the Reverse Logistics article, A Pragmatic Approach to Partners, by John Mehrmann
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Essential Advantage

The Most Valuable Source for Leads
by John Mehrmann
Essential Advantage
3rd Quarter 2009 Edition

Top 100 MSPs: Seven Trends Worth Watching

Here’s a look at seven key trends from the MSPmentor 100, a first-of-its-kind research report identifying 100 of the world’s most progressive managed service providers. MSPmentor (The VAR Guy's sister site) will publish the complete MSPmentor 100 list and analysis on January 28. Plus: The MSPmentor Resource Center will feature a complete report for easy download. In the meantime, here’s a preview of the MSPmentor 100. Special From MSPmentor

Channel and MSP Events

Stay Informed



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101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life

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Get Email Under Control

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Before Your Frequent Flyer Miles Expire

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Reverse Logistics in Supply Chain Management

Rapid Pace of Evolution in Consumer Electronics

401(k) and Alternative Retirement Plans

US International Travel

Healthy Lifestyle

The Ugliest Christmas Tree

Achieve the Life You Desire

Are You Marketing or Selling?

Preview Microsoft Office and Vista

Create Your Own Google Toolbar Buttons

Interview Questions

Business Health, Wealth
 and Workers

Motivation with Direction

Trusted Management
 Score Card

Grow Business Today

Building Customer Loyalty

Find Loyal Customers

Powerful Negotiations

Supply Chain Integration

Rewarding Teamwork

Financial Focus Fall '06

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Airport Restrictions List

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Seven Skills of Management


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John Mehrmann and Michael Moore Headline the Annual Conference for Society of Service Executives
John Mehrmann, CEO of Zylog Systems (Canada) Ltd, will present on technology trends and service return on investment

John Mehrmann Joins 20 Celebrity Authors at the Barnes and Noble Book Fair in Los Angeles
Twenty celebrity authors to read and autograph limited first edition copies at the Barnes and Noble Book Fair, The Grove, on June 13 and 14.

New Release for The eBook Store from Sony, The Trusted Advocate by John Mehrmann and Mitch Simon
Mar 29, 2009Visit the eBook Store from SONY to download the latest award winning book, The Trusted Advocate: Accelerate Success with Authenticity and Integrity, by John Mehrmann and Mitchell Simon.

Hot New Technologies and Award Winning Content for Amazon’s Kindle 2 Reader
Mar 01, 2009 – Amazon unveils the Kindle 2 Reader with Slimmer design, more storage, and text-to-speech. Amazon’s amazing new e-book reader provides a perfect blend of useful technology with easy access to the hottest titles and award winning books.

John Mehrmann Addresses Economic Challenges at the Reverse Logistics Conference in Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV (
PRWEB) January 31, 2009 -- John Mehrmann presents practical solutions for coping with economic challenges at the Reverse Logistics Trade Show and Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. John Mehrmann to speak on catalysts for catastrophic economic conditions and future market trends. In a special session at RLTS, he reveals secrets for short term quick results and long term strategies to preserve profitability.

John Mehrmann Appointed to CCi Program Advisory Committee for Everest College
John Mehrmann joins a distinguished list of industry experts serving as the Program Advisory Committee for Network and Internet Security Specialists at Everest College.

ZSL's Green IT/Eco-Friendly Computing - Press Coverage in Express Computers Magazine
With energy costs rising, many businesses are being forced to explore new avenues and contribute to a greener tomorrow. Technology will be a key enabler of green initiatives the network can become a platform to transform how global environmental challenges are managed. ZSL Inc has been using eco-friendly computing since its operations, eco-friendly systems and controls were installed at its new headquarters facility in Chennai. Mr. Shivkumar, Executive Vice President, says ‘These same principles are applied in the solutions designed for clients using our Greenware computing framework customized applications to manage client systems and performance and the platform created for the recycling industry.' Mr. John Mehrmann, Vice President, says ' Measuring energy usage as key metric demonstrates fiscal responsibility - as the cost savings for fuel and power during the life of the equipment have dramatic impact and contribution'.

Zylog to launch Recycle Accelerator to track and recycle e-waste
The ever increasing demands for consumer electronics world over, and limited supply of copper, lead, and other metals demand reusable resources. Proper handling of hazardous electronic waste is already a mounting concern for rapidly developing economies. Citing this global demand and a scalable business opportunity Zylog Systems Limited (ZSL), a leading IT solution provider from Chennai has developed an innovative IT based platform for e-waste management - ‘Recycle accelerator’.

The Trusted Advocate is the Most Recent Award Winning Book for the Amazon Kindle Reader
The Trusted Advocate: Accelerate Success with Authenticity and Integrity, by John Mehrmann and Mitchell Simon, is now available for the Amazon Kindle Reader at a discounted price. Released just in time for holiday shopping, the paperless electronic copy of The ‘Trusted Advocate: Accelerate Success with Authenticity and Integrity’ is the perfect gift for colleagues, peers, employees, managers, and family members. Available from the Amazon Kindle Store for less than US Ten Dollars, this small investment can alter the course of a career, guiding the reader and the organization to new levels of success in the coming year. It is a gift that continues giving with a new discovery in every chapter of the book.

Panel of Authors Reveal Secrets to Successful Book Promotions
Nov 09, 2008 – Los Angeles, CA – A special gathering of Los Angeles authors to reveal expert tips on maximizing exposure for books. Tony Todaro, author and brand strategist, to moderate two consecutive panels of experts at the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society on Saturday, November 15, 2008. The panel features John Mehrmann, author of “The Trusted Advocate: Accelerate Success with Authenticity and Integrity”. John Mehrmann also contributed to “101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Volume 3”, with Ken Blanchard, Marc Victor Hansen, Byron Katie, and Les Brown. John Mehrmann is a well known motivational and international speaker.

Industry Experts Take Center Stage at the Reverse Logistics Conference and Expo in Singapore
The Reverse Logistics Conference and Expo is a showcase for Third Party Service Providers of IT, High Tech, Retail, Telecommunications, Medical, Consumer Electronics, Pharmaceutical, and Automotive. The Conference will take place at the beautiful Concorde Hotel Singapore, located in the heart of the legendary Orchard Road. The luxurious 407 room Concorde Hotel is SOLD OUT for this exciting event.

The Reverse Logistics Association assembles an all star cast of international industry experts to address overwhelming sustainability and environmental issues and unveil supply chain solutions. (I-Newswire) - Singapore ( EBINews ) October 2, 2008 – A talented collection of leading authorities from around the globe have gathered in Singapore to participate in the Reverse Logistics Conference and Expo, October 7-9.

The Trusted Advocate is Honored with the Publisher's Choice Award
Orange County, CA (
) September 9, 2008 -- The award winning book, "The Trusted Advocate: Accelerate Success with Authenticity and Integrity", is honored with the prestigious Publisher's Choice Award. The Publisher's Choice designation identifies and celebrates new titles that exhibit editorial integrity and outstanding design quality. New titles undergo stringent editorial review and design evaluation. Selected titles display potential for greater commercial success.

The Trusted Advocate Group on LinkedIn Exceeds 500 Members
London, England (EBInews) September 4, 2008 – More than 500 members have joined the Trusted Advocate Networking Group on LinkedIn, and many new members are joining daily.

The Trusted Advocate Awarded Editor's Choice Award
Orange County, CA (EBINews) July 23, 2008 - John Mehrmann and Mitchell Simon break new ground in literature by delivering a refreshing blend of leadership skills, management tools, sales techniques, and entertaining storytelling. The Trusted Advocate uses proven cutting edge management techniques and leadership skills to unlock individual potential and empower personal success. This book contains entertaining stories and easy exercises to customize the insightful reflections to virtually any sales environment.

The Trusted Advocate Receives an Insightful Review by Kirkus Discoveries
Orange County, CA (Inews) July 8, 2008 – “While the book is aimed at salespeople, professionals from many different industries will find the ideas and suggestions helpful and transformative,” according to the Kirkus review. Kirkus Discoveries selects a limited number of new release books to provide independent and authoritative reviews. As a highly respected resource, Kirkus Discoveries carefully analyzes select new release books for content, style, genre, quality, and recognizably the highest standards in critical review. Kirkus Discoveries is a division of Nielsen Business Media. The Trusted Advocate: Accelerate Success with Authenticity and Integrity, by John Mehrmann and Mitchell Simon, first edition release was published March 2008. The book has received numerous endorsements and accolades from executives and business professionals. The testimonials represent a diverse range of industries, geographies, and occupations.

The Trusted Advocate Receives Five Star Rating on Amazon
Can a book about business become a life-changing experience? This one does. Customer reviews on Amazon award highest accolades for The Trusted Advocate: Accelerate Success with Authenticity.

Executives Find Hope in a Slow Economy from One of the Best New Business Books of 2008
Orange County, CA (FPR) May 20, 2008 – The economy may have slowed for some, but executives who have learned the secrets of The Trusted Advocate are enjoying continued success. The Trusted Advocate: Accelerate Success with Authenticity and Integrity is receiving exceptional reviews from business executives, and changing business from the inside out.

The Trusted Advocate, Book Signing at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books
Orange County, CA (PRWeb) April 8, 2008 -- John Mehrmann, author of 'The Trusted Advocate: Accelerate Success with Authenticity and Integrity', will join a prestigious group of local authors from The Greater Los Angeles Writer's Society, at the 13th Annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. Authors will have books available to autograph for attendees.

John Mehrmann, Author of The Trusted Advocate, Signing Books at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books
John Mehrmann, Author of The Trusted Advocate, Signing Books at the LA Times Festival of Books -

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